You are a part of a public.

31 Jan

Without you even recognizing, you are a part of some type of public. First off, what is a public?  A public is a group of people who share the same outtake on an issue or topic.  A public is also a group of people who share similar interests and characteristics.  I’m a part of many different publics and didn’t even realize it until I examined myself. You are probably a part of many publics as well once you think about it.  Three of the publics I’m a part of are the publics of Christians, college students and sports.

Firstly, I’m a part of the Christian public.  I chose to follow Christ in school and even within this one public, there are branches within this one public.  Because of what you believe, what church you go to, and what groups you belong to, automatically make you a part of a public – probably even without your knowledge.  This public plays a huge role in my life and is probably most important to me.

Secondly, I’m a part of the public of college students.  I currently am a student at Southeastern University.  Even though I attend Southeastern, there’s even a bigger picture of this public because it doesn’t just stop here, a public of college students includes all college students, no matter what school they are attending.  The greatest thing about this public is that the community between college students is exciting and bonding.  Even though I live in Lakeland, I have friends that are also college students that are spread out throughout the world. That’s the beauty of most publics, it can be as large as millions of people across the world or it can be narrowed down to the public of what residence hall you live in.

Thirdly, I’m a part of the public of sports.  One sport I really enjoy playing is volleyball.  The intramural season just finished for the year, but I still play when I have free time.  This was a sport I loved playing in high school as well, being a part of a high school team will always be memorable.  The public of volleyball in high school made the teammates and I very close and we experienced pure great moments of life together while playing a sport we love.

Everyone is a part of a public – whether you know it or not.

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