Crash & Burn?

02 Feb

Image Credit: "Stressed." by Brittney Bush

According to a recent post I found on Ragan’s PR Daily, titled, 4 Ways to Avoid Social Media Burnout, people are getting tired of technology.  If people are tired of technology now, good luck in the future – it’s not like the roll of technology is just going to stop and turn around.  In fact, technology is not rolling it’s more like sky-rocketing. 

The writer, Dorie Clark, gives 4 ways to Avoid Social Media Overload:

1. Don’t be an early adopter. This is the way I think when it comes to new technology, but that’s only because I learned the hard way. I remember when a new phone came out and I had to have it, so I went and spent extra money to break my contract and get it.  It turned out that the phone was so new that it hadn’t had enough time to work out the kinks. I ended up hating it and from then on I learned not to be the ginea pig.

2. Sample Widely. Keep your options open and always be in the know about what’s going on.

3. Focus Narrowly. If you are good at writing, then blog. If your good at chatting, then create videos.  Do what suits you best and fits who you are.  There’s no reason to tweet if you hate it.

4. Schedule the Time. Clark recommends that people set aside time and a limit themselves to how much time they spend socializing through technology.

Clark mentioned some great ways to stay connected to the world, yet keeping your distance.  No matter how hard we try to limit our attention to technology, it’s always going to be there and will always be growing.  It’s harder than we think to give up social technology. The least we can do it try tuning into the real world and let go a little bit of technology. I mean, try telling a teenager that they are banned from their cell phone and computer. I hope your prepared for an argument.


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3 responses to “Crash & Burn?

  1. sandratheoret

    February 2, 2011 at 11:32 PM

    Brittany Norezca,

    I really like your picture on your blog it makes your blog stood out and makes people want to read it. I agree with you about people getting sick of technology. I mean that is pretty much what this world is coming to is completely technology and things keep coming out. I think people have to just get use to it. I like your four ways to avoid social media overload as well. I think this can be useful to a lot of people. By maybe taking these steps will help people like technology and it will come easier to some people. Another thing I really liked was your example on telling a teenager that they are going to be banned from a computer or cell phone. I do not think this is going to go over well. This world is really getting more and more into technology and soon majority of people will be using it every day.

    Sandra Theoret

  2. acostadini

    February 14, 2011 at 11:25 PM

    Hey Brittney, I loved this post. It is so true about scheduling your time and limiting yourself to a certain amount of time. I know from personal experience if I spend too much time social networking, I get completely side tracked and procrastinate with everything else I need to do. Also I agree that we should not be early adopters to the new fads. We should wait until all the kinks are out to avoid unnecessary frustration. Great job!


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