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05 Feb

It can be so hard to remember how to use correct grammar for things you rarely use or even rarely think about.  For example, how to correctly write about an interstate.  Should there be a dash between interstate and the number?  Should interstate even be capitalized?  According to a course at, it’s definitely written Interstate 34 and if you want to abbreviate it, it can be written I-34.  You would think this is common and not a hard thing to remember, but it happens, we all forget.

After taking about an hour course from called “Cleaning Your Copy,” I can definitely say I have better grammar and writing skills. It’s so important to know how to use grammar correctly – no matter what you’re doing.  A few things I examined in the course was how to correctly use who/whom, when to place semicolons, when not to abbreviate and much more.  Even though I learned about these differences in my elementary years of education, it can be so simple to forget over time, especially the things that are not used in our everyday language or writing. In any career, you want to seem professional and intelligent.  The last thing your boss wants to see is something spelled wrong or you use ‘there’ instead of ‘their.’ Not only does it make you look incompetent and lazy for not checking, but most likely you are representing your boss as well.

Image Credit: "Pencils and Moleskins" by Paul Worthington

Just some pointers:

  • Always, always, double-check your work.
  • Use spell check. It doesn’t make you any less smart, it just helps you notice mistakes.
  • Try reading your writing out loud to make sure it sounds good and flows.
  • Ask a friend to edit it after you – it’s good to have a new pair of eyes look at it.
  • If you’re not sure how to grammatically write something, look it up!
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