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07 Feb

Image Credit: "Headphones" by Jbelluch

Today I listened to my very first podcast by PRStudCast.  Listening to a podcast is very new to me and something I really never considered trying until today.  The podcast was posted in early January and was focused on the new year of 2011 and some things to watch out for and some things to keep in mind.

The thing I loved most about listening to this podcast was that I was able to multitask while listening.  It makes it so easy to access and to actually listen, especially in the car, as I’m not tied down to one place. On top of it all, most of them are free! Of course they gave some great advice and talked about some interesting social topics in the podcast.  These, to me, were the most important statements that were said:

1. Don’t get burnt out from social media; know when to take a step back.

2. Stay in the loop with important PR news.

3. Never put things in writing that you don’t want seen or ever repeated.

4.  Be cautious of your reputation with what you put on your Twitter or Facebook.

Podcasts have so many benefits that everyone should, at least consider doing.  People who are PR students or PR practitioners should really consider listening to podcasts weekly or even daily to make sure they stay current with the news and issues that are taking place.  There’s nothing better than being able to listen to some interesting people chat while being able to still be doing something else at the same time! As far as listening for PR reasons, it’s a great source of education. Listening to podcasts that directly relate to PR issues can really inform you on different areas you are unfamiliar in.  Also, once you begin to really listen to podcasts on a regular basis, you can form your own opinion and comment on their podcast or even begin to create you own, which can lead to many different connections. Overall, listening to a podcast every now-and-then is totally worth it.

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