She’s now trying to bounce back

18 Feb

You may have caught a glimpse of the 2011 Grammys but perhaps you didn’t see the reporter who may have a new reputation. After the Grammys, Serene Branson was expecting to deliver the inside scoop to the public of what was happening.  That’s not exactly how things went down.  Watch this interview on the Morning Show that took place a few days after the incident:

Obviously, the rumors aren’t true. She wasn’t simply nervous or lost for words, it was a serious issue that is being talked about all over. Before this, I had never known about her and that’s probably true for most people. Now many are searching for the videos online or trying to find out what really happened. Serene said in the interview that she just “hope[s] it doesn’t make it on YouTube.” Unfortunate for her wishes, it’s all over YouTube. Now, put yourself in her shoes. I can’t imagine trying to recover from this in a career. Hopefully after time all the talk will settle, but is this what she will be known for? … I guess only time will tell.

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Posted by on February 18, 2011 in PR Connections


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