Department or Firm?

23 Feb

Wondering which is better … to start fresh from a PR Department or a PR Firm? Allow me to explain. Until I took this Public Relations Applications course, I probably couldn’t tell you the different advantages. Now, I’m all in the know. For a new PR practitioner, I would definitely suggest them to work for a PR Firm and here’s why:

Advantages of a PR Firm:

1. Broader range of project opportunities

2. Potential to learn new skills, such as, writing news releases and organizing special events

3. Because firms are located mainly in major cities and capitals, your name and skills can be better recognized

4. High employment rate

5. Chance to meet new people and create new possibilities in the PR world

Advantages of a PR Department:

1. Focus on one area and goal within a company

2. Share motives and develop community within your company

3. Possibility of a higher salary

4. Some benefits included

5. Get to personally know the executives of the company you represent and maintain a relationship with them

Of course, working for a PR firm or a PR department would be a great learning and career-building opportunity, but when it comes to a new PR practitioner, working for a firm would be a better way to launch off a career.  For me, starting off at a firm would benefit me and prepare me for working on all types of projects and give me a broader range to learn from.  Once I got settled and gained a ton of knowledge, moving to a PR department would make more sense to me. Working for a firm at first can truly create new opportunities and help get your name known and resume on the table.  The challenges that arise in a firm of working for many different types of companies can prepare new practitioners for a whole spectrum of work in the future.

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