How to win an interview

27 Feb

Looking for a job? A new career? The best place to start is by creating the perfect resume. Most people don’t really know what belongs on their resume or even where to start. I can help by giving you some tips and giving you some great websites as resources. To clear up some normal assumptions of a resume… Its purpose is to get you an interview not the position, it should be used to make you stand out on paper, and it shouldn’t tell your life story.  Let’s begin.

Here are the basics:

Image Credit: "Resume T-Shirt" by SocialisBetter

  • Your resume should include your personal information, such as name, email address, phone number, etc.
  • Employment, volunteer experience, and education (if you are student or a recent graduate) should also be included in order to show your experience and things you have accomplished. If you are fresh out of college and need to fill white space you may include extracurricular activities like clubs and organizations – but I would only include that if you had an important title.
  • Dates of employment and education should be listed.  Year and month is fine, they don’t need to know the exact day you started. The most current positions should be listed at the top. Make sure to include city and sate as well.
  • Responsibilities and tasks accomplished should be professionally listed to give the resume reader a sense of what you did at your previous employments.

Other tips:

  • When new into the job world (current student or fresh out of college) your resume shouldn’t exceed one page.
  • Be honest, yet creative.
  • Don’t make things too fancy.  You want your resume to stand out, but only in a good way. Stick to using only white paper and black ink (unless applying for a really creative position), and please, leave the coffee stains at home.
  • Choose wisely what you put on your resume. Never put something on there that you aren’t proud of or would never want to discuss.
  • Be specific.
  • Double check spelling! If you have a grammatical error on your resume, there’s a great chance you won’t be getting an interview – or in that case, even a phone call.

Here are some helpful links to check out for more information and some resume examples:

All about resumes, Do & Don’t, Resume builder

Good luck!

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