Twitter Chat Experience

17 Mar
Last night I partcipated in a Twitter chat for the first time.  I joined in on the #PRStudChat at 8:30pm and it was quite an experience. Since this was my first public relations chat – well, first twitter chat at all for that matter – I really had no clue what to expect or even what do to or say.

Image Credit: "Tiny birds in my hand" by llse.

The twitter chat started off with everyone introducing themselves, so of course, the first thing I did was introduce myself. Well, while I was taking maybe 20 seconds to do that, I had literally missed a little over 20 tweets for the conversation.  And that began my confusion.

  • I learned that PR chats can be super beneficial and a great way of meeting other PR students, PR professors or even PR professionals.  Last night, everyone welcomed me to that chat with open arms and tried to get to know me.  Some are even following me and want to stay in contact, which is actually pretty cool.
  • It surprised me most that I was barely able to keep up with the conversation.  Perhaps there is a better way to do so, but the way I was doing it made it very difficult.  Someone would ask a question and by the time I thought about responding, I had missed many tweets and they had moved on to the next question.  After a few minutes I got a little used to how things worked, but I was still behind on keeping up with who was tweeting me and who was saying what.
  • In order to me to be more succesful at using chat, I would like to know a little more about the charts that were given out in the beginning that explained who was who.  I would also like to know more about how to keep up with the conversation. Once I am able to learn these things, participating in a chat will be more beneficial and definitely more fun.
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