Interview with Martin Waxman

04 Apr

Image Credit: "Microphone" by hiddedevries.

After watching an interview with Martin Waxman via screencast, I can say I got an inside-look at a PR professional. As president and co-founder of Palette Public Relations, Inc., he was able to share some PR wisdom and a little about his company.

The interview lasted about 25 minutes between Barbara Nixon and Martin Waxman, and in those 25 minutes, I learned a lot. I learned that he is very client-oriented and in the business he is in, that should come first.  He discussed the kind of clients he wanted: ones that he trusted, who were honest and had some spunk and ‘energy’ as he called it.

Watching this interview, a few things surprised me.  One, it surprised me how much he was involved with social media first hand by blogging and tweeting. Second, I was surprised by his take on technology and how the people he wants to hire better know what they are doing and know about the social media world. On this note, I keep hearing that PR professionals make it a must for their employees to be in-the-know on technology and connecting with the social world.

Something that I would like to know more about is his view on those who are applying to work for his company and have spelling or grammatical errors on their sites. Obviously, if you are applying for a job anywhere, the work you have on the internet (whether that be Facebook or a blog) should be work “appropriate.” Martin Waxman said if he looks at a blog or something related to the potential person being hired and sees something as small as a spelling error he won’t even finish reading the rest of it. Most people would think, “Duh,I know not to have spelling errors on my resume or blog,” but it happens.  Things get overlooked or they forget to double check their work.  Hopefully at that point, lessoned is learned.

Martin Waxman has great insight for those interested in PR.  To watch the interview I watched, check out Barbara Nixon’s blog post and her interview with him – here.

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