Education in PR

11 Apr

Image Credit: "Smile at a Stranger" by Nina Matthews Photography.

For the Public Relations class I am taking I will be giving a presentation on a chapter from our textbook, Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics. The chapter I will be covering in my presentation is Chapter 21 on Education. Basically, the chapter covers public relation and its development at educational institutions of all stages including elementary, secondary, college, and universities.

In the section of the presentation I covered was about education dealing with a wide range of other nonprofit organizations. Here’s what I learned:

  • These are some examples of nonprofit organizations involved in education: foundations, nontraditional schools, communities, and membership organizations.
  • A major public relation role in a nonprofit organization is helping fund-raise money, by getting other people, like the public, in-the-know and involved. According to the textbook, many nonprofits in the educational sector constantly struggle to meet operating expenses and this is where PR can come in and help raise awareness.
  • The pay scale for employees of nonprofit organizations devoted to education is significantly lower than for public relations professionals in the corporate world.
  • Having a nonprofit foundation devoted to education serves the public relations purpose of showing that corporations are good citizens.
  • Big companies try to help out in ways they can. Companies such as Procter & Gamble, Toyota Motors, and Starbucks recently have initiated programs to send executives on “externships” to work with students and schools.

So, I was surprised to hear about big companies stepping in to be active. I think that is so considerate and helpful. I mean if you have the resources, why not use them, right? To sum up the chapter in a nut shell, basically organizations, especially nonprofit organizations, depend on public relations professionals for their success.

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