A whole lot of knowledge

15 Apr

Being in a Public Relations Applications course this semester has broadened my (very small) knowledge on PR topics. I have learned so much that it is definitely worth sharing. Here is what I learned (plus so much more):

1. WordPressI had never blogged before in my life until this class and I learned to love it. I read PR pro’s blogs and have found it’s a great way to stay connected, not only socially, but professionally.

2. TwitterI’m just now getting the hang of it. #honest

3. InterviewBeing prepared for your interview is vital. Knowing what questions to ask or how to answer the hard ones can be life-changing, literally.

4. Writing is so importantNo matter what field I go into, writing is such an important talent to grasp.

5. Professionalism online – It’s okay to have spunk and personality if you’re a president of a business and have a Twitter, but keep everything “appropriate.”

6. Importance of being socially connectedNot being connected socially whether through Twitter, Facebook or any other form of network, can be company suicide. 

7. Put yourself out thereDon’t be afraid to tweet a PR professional or interact with others you may not know. Who knows when a connection may last and a job presents itself.

8. Handling a crisisIf something goes wrong publicly in a company you represent, don’t ignore the problem, address it publicly and handle the issue.

9. Education in PRAll types of education institutions have PR departments too and actually play a huge role in development, especially in nonprofit organizations.

10. Dealing with Difficult ConversationsFrom the NewsU course I completed, I learned all about handling a difficult conversation even when the stakes are super high.

This class was one of my favorites this semester and I learned a lot and everything I learned wasn’t just information that I store for later use like a formula, but was useful and applicable to everyday life. This list stopped at 10, but it could literally go on and on.

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